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Project name: Family house in Jelenovac
Area: 250m2
Date of commision: 2004. year
Jelenovac stream, Zagreb
privatni investitor
Date of construction: 2006. year
Contact with nature, an advantage of this location, the maximum orientation was used to park and nature. The rectangular volume of its floors follows the growth of the field. Entrance is from the lowest levels, where they placed a garage and storeroom. Living spaces are located on the first and second floors, offering a view of the surrounding greenery and gets more privacy in relation to the road. Monolitost volume is broken balconies and facade openings of different sizes. Additional dynamics of fronts has been achieved using several types of materials at the finish of the facade. Emphasis is given to traditional materials such as stone (podsljemenska green) and wood trim, which are interpreted in a contemporary way

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