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Project name: Supervision of the reconstruction and upgrade of the old gymnasium for the City Library and the Music School in Novska
Area: 2180 m2
Date of supervision:
2007.-09. year
City Novska and the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management
Metalimpex d.o.o.
own project in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture
During this inspection, particular attention was paid to the reconstruction of buildings from the early 20th century, which is regulated in the music school. Combinations of these old buildings and a new prefabricated building that was rebuilt for the library Novska, further monitoring has made this interesting. Construction, alignment and coordination of stainless steel mesh facade on the building, the first time in Croatia applied to the entire facade, a special part of this oversight. Inside the building the public contract and limited resources, and in time of crisis, this project has managed to achieve all its objectives and quality. The facility was completed and it was obtained the occupancy permit, and the price has remained within the original contract.

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