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Project name: Muller hill - competition project
Area: 28.1 ha
Date of commision: 2010.  year
Muller hill, Zagreb
Miler center d.d.
Date of construction: -
Catchment area is divided into two different character parts - the southern lower part of the northern part of the senior, placed at a slight incline. Among them is the barrier height of approximately 35 m. The concept of zoning decisions is to achieve a harmonious relationship of the individual units to the environment and to one another in order to achieve a sense of uniqueness of the new settlement. The lower part of the coverage is characterized by a high lamella predominantly for residential purposes. Lamellae are laid in a north - south, creating spaces for public use and vegetation that are drawn into the urban fabric rekonstruriraju?i his new morphology of the slopes Medvednica and opening visual contact to the north of Ilica. The upper part of the coverage is provided for the construction of a lower type greater typological diversity, mainly for residential purposes. With its complex design blends harmoniously into the existing structure podsljemenskih zone, while achieving high quality views of the city.

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