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Project name: The interior of the Centre for Social Welfare Novska
Area: netto 450m2
Date of commision: 2009. year
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Contractor: Tehnopaneli
Date of construction: 2010. year

Osnovni ton koji prevladava unutarnjim prostorom je bijeli uz zidove i stropove i elementi namjetaja su u tom tonu.

The basic tone that dominates the inner area is white - the walls and ceilings and furniture items are in this vein. Window frames and doors have been merged with the wall surface, and elements of furniture harmoniously complement the entire space. Achieved the clarity and light spaces, without unnecessary details. At the same time the interior is correlated with a colorful exterior design of buildings. The prevailing white, with occasional accents''''rust brown Korten panel. The indoor accent is made ??floor coverings repeated''''rust brown color with a facade element and door panels with print that bring joy to the complex topic of object. The project was done within a very small budget for the conservative client.

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