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Project name: UPU Blato - competition project
Area: 15.6 ha
Date of commision: 2007. year
Location: Blato, Zagreb
City of Zagreb
Date of construction: -
Typology construction custom a suburban area and the need for a suburban lifestyle. One of the goals of the affirmation of the typology of housing series, which was ignored in the construction of Zagreb. On the southern edge includes passing the railroad, near which are located the public and social and commercial facilities, in order to be easily accessible on the way to / from work. The area along the tracks palnira the large parking twofold purpose: for business buildings and the needs of citizens who come autobomilom and continue to travel by train (''Park & Ride''). The whole town is intersected by green / pedestrian areas which open up many opportunities for unimpeded pedestrian communication.

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