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Project name: iNOVINE
Area: 10-30m2
Date of commision: 2008-2010. year
Location: across the Croatia
Contractor: Valenti? doo, Radnik-inenjering, Lert
Date of construction: 2008-2010. year
author of the graphic identity Bruketa & Zinic, author of the visual identity Koraljka Zadro
Planning of shops iNovine through dozens of projects is very different adaptations of shops in Zagreb and all over the Croatian. Brand recognition spatial settings iNovine consistently carried out, from the smallest to the largest stores. Arrangements are extended to multifunctional street front that allows multiple types of sales.

Organizacija za planiranje i arhitekturu d.o.o. | Vlaka 81a, HR-10000 Zagreb | tel. +3851 4665254
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