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Project name: Memorial House in Mali Alan - competition project
Area: 1000m2
Date of commision: 2009. year
Association of Special Police of the Homeland War
Contractor: -
Date of construction: -
Formatting in the spirit of place is expressed by using materials such as stone, wood and tin roof lining. Each of the two houses of the organism itself, have their own membrane, which descend from the roof over the front door to protect the open meadows, while inside the membrane and the warm rooms, open gable over the porch. Traditional galvanized metal, which eventually getting rusty, has been replaced by Korten treated plate, a pedestal that forms the environment is built out of stone. The pedestal is also a hot link between two objects. Wood, which is based on the interior out of the building openings heald tree and the narrower side walls as a natural wooden wooden flooring, rough-surfaced material.

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