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Project name: University Library in Osijek
Area: 10992,9 m2
Date of commision: 2012. year
City of Osijek
Date of construction: -
The University Library is planned to be a rational and economical complex whose compactness achieves high energy efficiency. The main guidelines that define the concept and design are: optimizing book storages, circulation of users, basement storeys and use of the extended functions, library parks, compact shape and design. The external design of the building is visible brick that was created under the influence of the Cathedral in ?akovo and Academy in Zagreb, and based on the tradition of parks in Osijek, each library storey has its own park that you access from reading rooms.

Organizacija za planiranje i arhitekturu d.o.o. | Vlaka 81a, HR-10000 Zagreb | tel. +3851 4665254
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