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Project name: House in Rogoznica
Area: 220 m2
Year of commision:
.2012. year
private person
Date of construction:
2013. year
The house is designed as a single-family house. House is formed through two regular volumes that use site configuration to fit harmoniously into the environment, in order to area for outdoor activities remains as big as possible. Bottom basement volume is partially buried in the ground, and his flat roof serves upper floor as a terrace. Connecting that terrace and natural terrain has been achieved through cascades with greenery that minimally regulate the existing configuration of the site. The upper volume, which carries a storey and flat roof / sunbathing area, on the street side 'hovers' over the lower volume. As the terrain of the site rises, lower volume gets the character of the ground floor. Simplicity of form and purity of lines is enriched by window format and by the selection of materials.

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